A Wildly Addicting Game!

Have you ever seen a Chihuahua turn into a tornado? How about an adorable Dalmatian that turns into a cannonball? Experience the unexpected in this wildly addicting game that puts you in control of a pack of jumping pets.

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You’re In Control Of These Crazy Jumping Pets!

Jumping Pets is the latest release from Stinky Face Studios. These pets will flip, twist and do just about anything to catch your toys. Score big points with great catches but watch out for those pesky coo-coo birds.  Ruffles, Domino, Tickles, Zeus and Robodog are ready to play.  Grab your toys and let’s go!

Here’s what you get with the Jumping Pets Game…

- Gorgeous graphics
- 5 Unique outdoor scenes
- 9 levels of varying difficulty per scene
- 5 Animated pets that do crazy jumps
- Innovative flick control
- Game Center leaderboard
- Toys that include boomerangs, frisbees and tennis balls
- Catchy music and fun sounds
- Varying wind speed that impacts toy flight
- Countdown clock
- Animated coo-coo birds
- Wildly addicting game play

Ready for fun? download the free game now!